2007-2009 - "V  llee"
CH Bellatak My Funny Valentine ROM
Vallee made her debut as a "Special" with David Murray as her handler, at the Long Beach, CA shows June 22, 2007.  She won BOB all three days, and was awarded a Group 2 on the 3rd day at the Toy Breeders Specialty.  David and Vallee make a team to be watched!  Vallee finished 2007 as the #2 All Breed Havanese.  Quite a feat considering she had only been out as a special for 5 months!  She won the HCA 2007 Regional and National specialty held in Denver, CO, she has won numerous group placements, an AOE (Award of Excellance) at the 2007 Eukanuba in Long Beach, CA as well as she won an AOM (Award of Merit) at the 2008 Westminster in New York, NY.   

Vallee made history once again, by being awarded BISS again at the 2008 HCA National Speicalty in Richmond, VA.  No other Havanese has ever won more then once, but Vallee has won twice and in consecutive years too!  Thank you Judge Dennis McCoy for choosing Vallee as your Best In Specialty Show winner!
Vallee finished 2008 as the #2 Havanese in both All Breed and Breed rankings in the U.S. and the #1 All Breed Female Havanese!!!

2009 started off well for Vallee in Palm Springs, CA the first weekend in January.  In February she won the breed at the distinguished Progressive Dog show in NY, NY and then the following Tuesday was awarded Best of Opposite Sex at the 2009 Westminster KC show February 10, 2009.  Vallee continues to prove in 2009 she is what a Havanese should be!  Thank you to all the distinguished AKC judges that have felt the same way!  At the 2009 HCA Regional Specialty in August held in Chicago, IL, Vallee was awared Best of Breed.  Thank you Judge Candance Mogavero for choosing Vallee as the best Havanese that day from a very nice lineup of Havanese.  Vallee has remained to be the Havanese to beat in 2009.  In December 2009, at the AKC Eukanuba National Championship held in Long Beach, CA, Vallee was awarded Best of Breed.  Thank you Judge Sari Brewster Tietjen for choosing our awesome girl, Vallee.  

Vallee retired her Specials career after her Best of Breed win at the 2009 Eukanuba.  What a fantastic way to retire!  Vallee is the #1 All Breed Havanese for 2009 and #15 in the Toy Group.  Vallee broke some breed records as well as making new breed records.  Vallee is now home with us and we are thrilled she is.

Vallee her first weekend out!
Vallee stacked
David and Vallee at Nat'l 2007
Motion of elegance
Group 1
Cover of Hotline
Winners Bitch 2006 HCA Regional Specialty
Group 1
Group 1
2007 HCA Regional Specialty BOB
2007 HCA National Specialty BOB
Group 1
2008 Westminster AOM
2007 Eukanuba, Thank you Shannon Stone
Group 1
Group 1
Group 1
Group 1
David and Vallee in Palm Springs
Westminster 2008
Vallee and David 2008 National Specialty
BIS, thank you Dennis McCoy
2008 Natl
Thank you Judge Sharon Newcomb.
Thank you Judge Dr Meen
Thank you Judge Vicki Abbott
Thank you Judge Robert Hutton for this nice Group 1 to end the 2008 year!
Thank you Judge Ekarat Sangkunakup for a nice Group 2 to begin the new 2009 year!
Thank you Janice Pardue for a lovely Group 1 in Ventura, CA January 2009.
Love that face!
Thank you Judge James Reynolds
Westminster 2009 BOS
Thank you Jean Fournier
Thank you Judge Gloria Geringer!
Thank you Judge Reinaldo Burgos!
Thank you Judge Widden
Thank you Judge James Reynolds!
Thank you Candace Mogavero
Who are you?
Look at that outline!!
Carole holding Dreamer, John, Kathy holding Vallee
Dreamer at the 2009 National in Chicago
Thank you Judge Falconi
Dreamer in the group ring
Thank you Judge Burgos
Dreamer Grp 1 Thank you Judge D. Campbell
Dreamer Grp 1 Thank you Judge Berg.
John & Jane & Dreamer
Dreamer BIS
Thank you Gloria Gerringer
Dreamer Grp 1 - Thank you Jean Fournier
Dreamer Grp 2 - Thank you Sally Vila
Dreamer saying "Hi"
Dreamer BIS Ad
Dreamer Grp 2 - Thank you Barbara Wood
Dreamer Grp 1 - Thank you Kathleen Grosso
Dreamer posing
Dreamer - Thank You Janice Pardue
Dreamer - Thank you Helen Winski Stein
Dreamer - Thank you Frank Sabella
Dreamer August 2010
Dreamer - Thank you Dennis McCoy
David on the way to the ring for the Santa Barbara Breeders Showcase with Vallee and Dreamer
Dreamer and Vallee win a Grp 4 at the SB Breeders Showcase.  Thank you Sue Vroom.
Thank you Judge Sharon Newcomb
Thank You Judge June Penta
Thank you Judge Paul (Pogo) Thomann
Thank you Judge Dr. Robert Smith
Thank you Judge Gay Dunlap.
THANK YOU Judge Dr Klaus Anselm
Dreamer grp 1 Thank you Judge Kathleen Grosso
Dreamer, thank you Judge Peggy Lloyd.
Thank you Judge Margaret Reed
Thank You judge Sandy Wheat
Thank You Judge Ann Kennedy.
Thank you Judge Terry Stacy
BIS, Thank you Judge Paula Mykiel
Thank you Judge Florence Males
Thank you Judge Michael Dachel
Thank you Judge Norman Patton
Thank you Judge Robert Hutton
Thank you Judge Everett Dean
David and Dreamer
Dreamer with me after his big win at Nat'l 2011
Judge James Reynolds going over Dreamer
David and Dreamer 2011
Dreamer National Ad
2011 Santa Barbara KC Breeders Showcase Toy Grp 3. Dreamer and Keely!
Dreamer see's me at a show!
Dreamer at the 2011 AKC Eukanuba Toy Group
Dreamer and David in Florida 2011
Dreamer BIS
Dreamer BIS-broke breed record!
Bogie BOB
Bogie Grp 3-Thank you Judge Frank Sabella
Bogie Grp 2-Thank you Judge Keke Kahn
Bogie BISS - Thank you Judge Ellen Fetter!
Bogie Grp 2-Thank you Judge Mrs Colleen Brossard!
Thank you Judge Gay Dunlap!
Thank you Judge Gloria Kerr!
Bogie & Max @ Santa Barbara 2013 Breeders Showcase!
Bogie and David!
Max Championship picture! Thank you Judge Vicki Abbott.
2013 HCA National - First time as a Special
Thank you Judge Chuck Winslow
Thank you Judge F.M. (Butch) MacDonald!
Thank you Judge Patricia Nemirovsky de Alsina!
Thank you Judge Joe Walton!
Thank you Judge Jacqueline Stacy! A nice Group 1 in a very competitive Group!!
Thank you Judge Burton J Yamada for this great recognition in awarding Max RBIS on 11/29/2013!

2010-2012 - "Dreamer"
GCH Bellatak McDreamy
Dreamer made his debut as a special in Palm Springs in January 2010.  He started off with a bang for sure.  He won the Toy Specialty and then went on to win a Group 4 that first weekend out.   Dreamer was awarded his first All Breed BIS on May 8, 2010.  Thank you Judge Robert Slay.  On 11/21/2010 Dreamer was awarded his second All Breed BIS, thank you Dr. Klaus Anselm.  Dreamer had a fabulous year in 2010.  He finished the year as the 
#1 All Breed Havanese and the ONLY Havanese to be awarded BIS in 2010.  

Dreamer was very successful in 2011!  He won the 2011 Havanese National Specialty.  He was the #1 All Breed Havanese every month in 2011!  Dreamer ended 2011 by winning the 2011 AKC Eukanuba Championship Havanese Best of Breed!  That meant that Dreamer finished 2011 as the  #1 Havanese All Systems in 2011!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Dreamer!!!  We are so very proud of our special boy!  Dreamer has sired a couple litters of puppies and proving to be quite the stud dog as well!

In 2012 Dreamer continued his many successes in the ring.  He finished the year as the #1 All Breed Havanese for the 3rd year in a row!  He also broke many breed records, but the biggest honor of all is he is THE WINNINGEST HAVANESE EVER!!!!  Dreamer retired in December 2012 and is loving life on one of Jane's sofa's.
2013 half year - "Bogie"
GCH Bellatak Casablanca
Bogie made his debut as a special in March 2013.  He is the son of Dreamer and has big shoes to fill.  The "Bellatak Family" is proud of our new boy and we look forward to what the future in the show ring has in store.  After only 1 month, he has already won many beautiful ribbons!  Bogie had fun in the ring and did very well.  Bogie retired from the show ring in July 2013. He retired as the #9 Havanese in Breed points and #10 Havanese in All Breed points! Not too bad for a dog that was shown on a limited basis for less than half the year! I am very proud of Bogie as he represented Bellatak and the breed well. He is living his retirement days with a friend close by, so I look forward to being able to use him in my breeding program in the very near future! 
August 2013-2016 - ​"Max"
GCH Bellatak Vallee's Maximum Dream
Max made his debut as a Special in August 2013 at the 2013 National Specialty in Chicago, IL.  Max won Select Dog at the Regional Specialty at National and then was selectively shown the rest of 2013.  He finished the year in the top 10 Havanese and only being shown as a Special for 2 1/2 months!  Max is the best of both his mother and father, who happen to be the two top winningest Havanese ever!  His Dam is Vallee and his sire is Dreamer (see above).  While Max has some big paw prints to follow behind, he is up for the challenge and has already proven he is exactly what a Havanese should be!  We look forward to what the future will bring for Max in the ring.
Max finished 2014 as the #3 Havanese All Breed!  We are so proud of our Max!
​2015 Max finished the year as the #1 All Breed Havanese!!!! Max fiinished 2016 as the #1 All Breed Havanese!!!  In 2017 Max attended the HCA National Specialty and won!  To say we are so very proud of all that Max accomplished while he was being Specialed, is an understatement.  He is a very nice example of the breed!!

Max is now retired from the show ring and living his life here with us.  
Max - Thank you Judge Gay Dunlap
Max @ Westminster - Thank you Judge Mrs Helen Winski Stein
Thank you Judge Wendy Paquette
Thank you Judge Lewis Bayne
Thank you Judge Debbie Campbell-Freeman
Max received his Silver GCH award on 03/09/2014
David and Max!!
Thank you Judge Charles Trotter
Thank you Judge Sandy Wheat
Max on the move!
Thank you Judge Terry Stacy
Vallee & Max, mother and son!
Thank you Judge Helen Winski Stein
Their eyes connect!
Thank you Judge Mrs. Carol Kniebusch Noe
Thank you Judge Ms Christine Salyers Anderson
GCH Bellatak Vallee's Maximum Dream
Thank you Judge Edd Bivin!
Photo By Toyomi!
Thank you Judge Jordan Chamberlain!
Thank you Judge Paullet DeLong for recognizing our boy with a nice Toy Group win!
Thank you Judge Mr. Dennis McCoy
Thank you Judge Mrs. Peggy Hauck
Thank you Judge Elaine Lessig
Thank you Judge Mrs Rosalind Kramer
Thank you Judge Wendy Paquette
Thank you Judge Norm Patton
Thank you Judge Gloria Geringer
Thank you Judge Jacqueline Stacy
Thank you Judge Janet Allen
Thank you Sharon Carvalho for capturing an image of Max that looks almost exactly like one of his mother, Vallee, below!
Max in PA!
Thank you Judge Desmond Murphy for this honor!
Thank you Judge Mrs. Debbie Campbell-Freeman
Thank you Eugene Blake
Max Best Of Breed 2014 Eukanuba
2 page ad in Spring 2015 Hotline
Thank you Judges Mrs. Patricia Nemirovsky De Alsina
Max photo taken by Toyomi Tsumura!
Thank you Judge Paullet DeLong!
Grp 1 thank you Mrs Hellen Winski Stein!
Thank you Judge Jon Cole!
Thank you Judge Sharon Newcome!
Thank you Judge Alfred Ferruggiaro for this BISS win June 2016!!
2016 Regional BISS winner at the HCA National!!  Thank you Judge Johnny Shoemaker!!
Thank you Judge Evalyn Gregory for this awesome Group 1.
A breeders dream win!  Thank you Judge Sei-ichiro Ishimaru for this Breeders Showcase Grp 1 in Santa Barbara, CA 2016!!